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Disaster Recovery & Planning

What would  your business do if your server was permanently damaged?

2K Networking Disaster Recovery ServicesA server kink or corruption could completely destroy a business. It is imperative that businesses safeguard against the potential reality of losing all of their server files and programs. Backups are critical within your IT infrastructure. 2K’s backup success is unfailing for all levels of recovery – from the smallest recovery of an accidentally deleted file to the loss of an entire server database.

Backups are like an insurance policy–you pay to have it, hoping you never need it.

In the event you need to restore data, you want it to work quickly and smoothly. That’s why 2K provides exclusive and innovative backup, disaster recovery, and complete business continuity solutions. Our award-winning backup solutions offer:

  • Disk to disk backups, so there is no need to maintain tapes and software
  • Imaging of your servers and vital systems
  • Data saved locally for quick recovery
  • Data uploaded to redundant offsite data centers
  • Automated notification and reporting
  • Browser based configuration and data access
With 2K, you can rest assured your data is safe.

2K will work with your business to create a Disaster Recovery Plan to implement and monitor – planning is the best form of protection to prepare for an emergency. We’ll recommend onsite backup options to remote backups, and will create a plan to provide you peace-of-mind so your business can focus on the bottom line.

Case Study:

Atomic’s need for advanced collaboration and a data backup and recovery system demanded an enterprise-level solution. Their existing technology structure lacked centralization, administration, security, data recovery and file sharing capabilities.

See how 2K Networking took Atomic’s disaster recovery plan to the next level

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