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No Budget for In-House IT support? No problem!

Our economy is made up of mostly small and mid-sized businesses, and for most of them, it’s not cost effective to hire full-time in-house IT support. Small businesses are constantly juggling numerous tasks every day – a sudden slow down or crash in your IT system is the last thing your business needs. As a small business, you shouldn’t be held hostage by ever-changing technology, overwhelming choices and constant troubleshooting.

For small business owners, making decisions about IT can be a headache and drain on your business. Inefficient IT can waste time and be costly to maintain. Multiple software versions and incompatibilities get in the way of productivity. We know that every business, regardless of size, wants an IT infrastructure that works well, without occupying too many resources. We understand today’s small business environment, and how to best employ current technologies to be the most efficient and save time and money.

From set up of equipment to purchase and implementation of business servers, find out how 2K can provide a more cost efficient and speedy solution for your business needs.

We offer cost-effective and speedy solutions to meet your bottom line.

As a small manufacturer, Weldon Solutions simply could not afford to have our own IT department and it is impossible for us to keep up with the changing dynamics of computers and networking. We hired 2K in 2006 to be that person for us. Since then, they have proved to be a valuable cost effective way to keep on top of our network needs. Glenn and his staff have become a part of our family here at Weldon and we look to them as we would any other team member who works to keep us running. We have used several IT consultants in the past but we have never received the timely service like we get with 2K. They take the time to plan out new solutions and make recommendations for changes that help keep us running and increase our productivity. They always seem to be working for us.

Weldon recently moved into a new facility. Through careful planning, 2k had our network moved and back up and running at the new facility in several hours. I believe their planning was the key to a successful transition to our new building. 2K Networking Inc, is a team you can’t afford to be without!

Travis D. Gentzler
Chief Financial Officer
Weldon Solutions
Weldon Solutions
Case Study:

Atomic’s need for advanced collaboration and a data backup and recovery system demanded an enterprise-level solution. Their existing technology structure lacked centralization, administration, security, data recovery and file sharing capabilities.

See how 2K Networking helped Atomic grow their business with a reliable network infrastructure

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