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2K Networking Non-ProfitNon-profits are usually challenged by small IT budgets, with most funding designated for necessary programs and services, making IT a low priority. This can result in constant frustration by the inability of your network infrastructure to meet your needs, including down servers, varying computer systems, lost data and no ability to access data remotely. When a fully-functioning network is in place with regular maintenance, non-profit organizations can see the value technology brings to their organizations, improving productivity and communication, and ultimately saving money and conserving budgets.

Why outsource IT to 2K?
  • Spend time focusing on core programs and serving the communities around them. In almost all cases, small and medium-sized businesses can spend a range of 25 to 50 percent less outsourcing IT needs compared to the cost of a single full-time technology employee.
  • Remove recruiting, training, vacation, sick days, turnover and other management issues from the equation.
  • Receive access to special software licensing and pricing from 2K.
  • Increase administrative efficiency by fundamentally reconfiguring internal structures and working relationships.
  • Change the nature of employees’ working conditions—including workload, environment, and interpersonal relationships—providing a positive impact on employee job satisfaction and the internal distribution of organizational power.
Contact 2K about delivering a cost-effective fixed and controlled IT budget that meets your non-profit’s needs.

2K Networking is not just an outsourced IT vendor, but a partner in the success of our organization and its mission. They make my priorities their priorities and take a great load off the shoulders of this one person IT department. They strive to provide me with one-stop-shopping for IT services, and if they are not a partner of a service that I’m currently outsourcing to another vendor, they do whatever necessary to become that resource reducing the need for me to manage multiple vendors. 2K Networking has stabilized and improved my network and I’m excited about the opportunities that it could provide my organization in the future.

Wanda Freeland
Network Technician
Family Health Council of Central PA
Family Health Council of Central P

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