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2K Networking provides the framework for security, reliability and availability for healthcare organizations.

2K Networking Healthcare ServicesThe lifeblood of any company runs through its computer network. Any kink or blockage in the system can cause symptoms similar to a human medical condition – and if those symptoms persist, the results could take a serious toll on your company’s health.

2K is positioned to improve healthcare technologies that benefit everyone touched by the healthcare industry – from patients to medical providers. Our technology support helps improve patient care by building the right network to support crucial healthcare platforms including Electronic Medical Records (EMR) suites and Practice Management (PM) systems. By designing and building a solid network foundation, 2K can provide the building blocks for any EMR suite, practice management system, storage area network (SAN) or virtualization system needed.

Consider the possibilities with 2K!
  • Streamline workflow and create efficiencies in technology and network administration,
  • Allow healthcare providers to spend more time with patients and less time with technology.
  • Enable local and remote team collaboration, patient examinations, and consultations.
  • Improve communications across teams.

These solutions provide security, interoperability, device connectivity, and regulatory compliance, and enhance the integration and management of asset data and healthcare information in an open yet secure environment.

2K works with a broad range of healthcare-related institutions and organizations to provide key solutions and services.
  • Server and network infrastructure design, implementation and on-going maintenance
  • Data backup and verification
  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR) support
  • Practice Management (PM) support
  • Disaster recovery and planning
  • Remote access and VPN services and solutions
  • Service and support of client workstations and applications
  • Mobile solutions

2K Networking is not just an outsourced IT vendor, but a partner in the success of our organization and its mission. They make my priorities their priorities and take a great load off the shoulders of this one person IT department. They strive to provide me with one-stop-shopping for IT services, and if they are not a partner of a service that I’m currently outsourcing to another vendor, they do whatever necessary to become that resource reducing the need for me to manage multiple vendors. 2K Networking has stabilized and improved my network and I’m excited about the opportunities that it could provide my organization in the future.

Wanda Freeland
Network Technician
Family Health Council of Central PA
Family Health Council of Central P

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