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Microsoft Remote Desktop App (iTap Mobile)


Microsoft Remote Desktop App (iTap Mobile)

This past week was a big week for Microsoft and 2K Networks. On October 18th Microsoft released Windows 8.1, the long anticipated update to Windows 8. Alongside this release was something more important to us here at 2K. If you recall on the 11th of last month we made you aware that one of our favorite iOS and Mac apps, iTap Mobile, was discontinued.

We are steaming forward with the roll out of our 2K Cloud services and continue to onboard new clients every week. iTap is a key app our clients use to access their remote apps and our cloud services. When iTap discontinued their suite of apps, they referenced an upcoming app from Microsoft.

Well….. It’s Here!!

On the 18th of October, Microsoft released an updated version of “Microsoft Remote Desktop”. The app looks and functions very similar to the iTap Mobile apps. In fact, Microsoft posted on the Neowin site “Microsoft acquired specific IP assets from HLW Software Development GmbH (HLW). This was used as a base for development, on top of which we implemented, amongst other things: RDP 8, RemoteApp support, multitouch, and all new UI”. Redmond released a version for iOS, Android and Mac OS users. And they are all available for FREE!

The most impressive improvement is the update to the version for the Mac OS. It now allows users to have full access to the remote apps, thanks to full RemoteFX support. We have been testing the app on all three platforms for the last week. Microsoft delivered! It works as described. Now all of our 2K Cloud clients have full access to their apps and data Anytime, Anywhere and Any Device!

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Author: Jarad Hall
Apple Consultant at 2K Networking

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