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Case Study: FHCCP Invests for Success

2K Networking Blog - Case Study - Family Health


The mission of Family Health Council of Central Pennsylvania (FHCCP) is: To Build and support community-based health networks through partnerships, education, advocacy, and effective resource allocation.


Family Health Council of Central Pennsylvania (FHCCP) was operating on an outdated network in need of an overhaul to maintain the organization’s operational efficiency and ability to provide high-quality services to an underserviced population. The staff of 70 lacked confidence in the network’s capabilities, and realized the technology infrastructure impaired the organization in fulfilling its mission to build and support community partnerships. In addition, exploring growth opportunities for the organization was also hindered. The launch of a new network would need to incorporate a streamlined server environment with the ability to communicate seamlessly over multiple satellite offices.


“2K brought our network from an inefficient system to a high-function, scaleable network.”

– Wanda Freeland
Director of Infrastructure Management
at Family Health Council of Central Pennsylvania


By any measure, the strategic integration of a new network infrastructure and technology solutions have been a success. FHCCP’s network performance was increased by
ten-fold. “The evaluation identified how crucial technology is in supporting our mission. 2K Networking brought our network from an inefficient system to a high-function, scaleable network,” said Wanda Freeland, Director of Infrastructure Management at FHCCP.

FHCCP now feels confident their network can fully support new organizational initiatives and opportunities to better serve their communities. “None of this would have been possible if we didn’t have an infrastructure in place to provide future strategic opportunities,” said Freeland.

FHCCP continues to rely on 2K as an outsourced solution IT vendor, eliminating unnecessary overhead while saving valuable financial resources.

However, FHCCP stresses the importance of the partnership, noting: “They are more than a vendor, but a partner in the success of our organization and its mission. They make our priorities their priorities and take a great load off the shoulders of our IT department.”

The preparation and strategic planning offered by 2K has allowed FHCCP to confidently move forward into the future and take advantage of new opportunities. “2K has strategically positioned us to take on anything we choose. Our relationship has made us a more viable organization; we now have the capability to take on new opportunities to serve our mission and continue to grow. Prior to 2K, we were not a technologically-viable organization.”

FHCCP and 2K continue to meet quarterly for strategic planning sessions, in addition to ongoing maintenance support.

Our staff now realizes the tie between the work we do and the technology they need to do their jobs. The results demonstrate how technology is tied to our business.

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