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Apple Mac OS X Mavericks


Apple Mac OS X Mavericks

Back in June, Tim Cook took the stage at Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC). He presented the world with what Apple is and has been working on. Apple released and new and improved MacBook Air. The new MacBook Air has the newest Intel processors and more impressive is the extended battery life. The MacBook Air 11″ will now last up to 9 hours and the 13″ up to 12 hours. For more details on the new MacBook Air click here.

Apple also previewed the new Mac OS 10.9 (Mavericks) and iOS 7. Up until now all previous versions of OS X followed the big cat naming theme. They announced that OS X will be moving away from the cat theme and now will be going a new direction. The new theme will be inspired by the state of California, starting with the big wave surfing location in Northern California “Mavericks”. Mavericks is not publicly available yet, Apple announced it will be shipping later this year. Mavericks has over two hundred new features, during the Apple’s keynote at WWDC they hit on ten of the most notable.

• iBooks

iBooks will now be a native app on the Mac. Books you have downloaded to your iOS devices will automatically appear on you Mac. Gestures will allow easy and intuitive navigation of your favorite books. Studying with iBooks becomes so much more intuitive, now when highlighting text it appears in an organized side column. Your notes will also become flash card when you are using your iOS device.

• Maps

We all know Maps app on our iOS device, it is now on your Mac. You get all the features maps has in the iOS version plus it is integrated into Mail, Contacts, and Calendar. When getting point-to-point directions on your Mac you will be able send those directions directly to your iOS device.

• Calendar

Calendar has an all new look, streamlined with new powerful features. Continuous scrolling allows you to view a week to week view and see part of two different months. A new event inspector makes it simpler to create and edit events by suggesting addresses when you start typing and will also calculate the travel time and let you know when to leave.

• Safari

Safari in Mavericks now allows you to discover new sites and return to the most visited with ease. The new side bar shows you links posted by Twitter and LinkedIn users you follow. New power saving technologies allow Safari to prevent pages in the background from wasting energy.

• iCloud Keychain

We all hate dealing with passwords. But passwords are a very important part of our digital life, they protect us and our digital belongings. With iCloud Keychain all of our strong , robust and distinct password are at our fingertips across all of our devices with iCloud. This also includes a new Password Generator and credit card information so that checking out is a quick easy process.

• Multiple Display Support

More and more of us are utilizing a second display to be more productive. In previous versions of OS X it was not as intuitive. The dock and menu bar are always on the opposite display from where we are working, and if we take any of our apps full screen the second display can no longer be utilized. With Mavericks the menu bar and dock are more accessible and if we go full screen the second display is still available to use. With Airplay any monitor/TV connected to an Apple TV now can be a full fledged display.

• Notifications

Notifications are now a great way to get things done. Whenever a notification pops up you will be able to respond to it with a single click. Reply to iMessages, respond to FaceTime calls and even delete an email. While your away the Mac will continue to update and you will see a summary of your notifications.

• Finder Tabs

Finder now allows you to browse your files like we browse the web. Tabs allow you declutter your desktop and consolidate your Finder windows into one. Finder can now go full screen.

• Tags

Tags are a powerful way to organize your digital life. Tags can allow you to assign a file to multiple projects and the tags will update immediately.

• Advanced Technologies

Mavericks takes advantage of multiple new technologies that will improve performance across your Mac and enhance your battery life on your portables. Mavericks will also be taking advantage of SMB2 file sharing protocol by default instead of its own Apple File Protocol (AFP).

For more information on Mavericks check it out Click Here.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks we will be discussing iOS7, password management and backup in more detail.

Author: Jarad Hall
Apple Consultant at 2K Networking

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