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Want to Increase Employee Productivity?

Multiple Displays

If one large, high-resolution display is good, then two has to be better, right? While once only the domain of high-end finance and engineers, nearly every computer manufactured is capable of supporting two or more monitors. The drastic increase in workspace allows for multiple applications to be used without having to change contexts. This means more time spent being productive and less time spent re-arranging windows or toggling back and forth between research and content creation.

Laptops and Multiple Displays

Even the largest laptop displays can feel cramped when sitting at a desk, but can be perfectly functional as a secondary display. Modern laptops can output to both the built-in display and an external monitor, allowing the larger screen to be used for primary tasks and the smaller for secondary applications such as e-mail clients, instant messaging, browsers, and other tools.

What is the real ROI to your business?

Broken down to the most basic numbers, the math doesn’t lie! A company can gain up to 1 hour per day productivity per employee utilizing a dual display setup. The facts are the company can win by investing in this configuration along with the employee which benefits by being more productive, comfortable, and happy.

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