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2K Reviews Windows 8

MetroA couple of the 2K employees have been performing comprehensive testing on Windows 8 since the beta release. The verdict is in. and it is really positive. Microsoft had their best adoption rate and overall operating system thus far with Windows 7 and it is still going strong. However, Windows 8 could give it a run for its money.
Windows 8 is based off of the Windows 7 platform with the biggest change being the Start Menu, is now a “Start Screen.” They introduced what they call Metro to take over the user interface. Searching is a breeze, just hit the Windows key and then type what you need. Whether it is a program, document, or image; Metro will find it for you and portray it on your screen in a new artistic feel.

Also in keeping up with the times of Apps running the world, Microsoft is using their Store to take advantage of the trend. Installing seemlessly you can check a stock ticker in a few seconds, or read the USA Today in their own app . The trends are changing quicker than ever just like all of the technology out there and Microsoft is adapting well. The Microsoft Surface which coincided with Windows 8 is a remarkable tablet that runs Windows 8 with the same feature set. Microsoft has also made a commitment to engage the hardware manufacturers to ensure the products meet the performance demand of the new operating system.

The changes are precise, and sometimes immeasurable but makes for a very fluid user experience. Even the smallest thing, Windows Updates, that you could push off forever if you chose to, or sometimes would just restart your computer on their own, are now changed to install on their own but you will be warned. From the time of install it tells you the computer will restart in 2 days and to be ready for it or just restart then. These little changes will enhance the security of the operating system and keep Microsoft products more secure in general.

Microsoft’s design team made a commitment to enhance the user experience and fulfilled that commitment. If you are planning to deploy Windows 8 at your business 2K recommends investing in end user training to familiarize your employees with all of the changes Windows 8 has to offer. As your technology partner, 2K is always here to assist in any new technology changes. Feel free to call us at 717-724-0537.

Meet Windows 8 here.

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