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The iPhone 5 and iOS 6

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With the recent release of a new OS and a new phone from Apple, many are rushing to either upgrade their phone or buy a new phone altogether. With all updates, we recommend staying away from the bleeding edge, especially when in a business environment, and the latest releases from Apple are no different.

A major change that is attracting a lot of attention in iOS 5 is the loss of Google maps. Apple’s new map solution, based on OpenStreetMap has plenty of potential to be sure, but many report that there is much to be desired in the current version. If you rely heavily on maps and/or navigation on your phone, you may want to wait a bit before upgrading, or consider investing in a separate GPS application.

For more information on iOS 6 and iPhone 5, see the articles linked below.

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Edit: Another issue that we have been seeing more and more of with iOS 6 is lack of support for Exchange 2003. iOS has not supported Exchange 2003 for some time now, but with the latest release, it appears even more difficult (perhaps impossible in some environments) to make the two work together. If your company has an Exchange 2003 environment, be wary of upgrading your iOS device, but also be aware that here at 2K Networking, we specialize in migrating clients from Exchange 2003 to the latest edition, Exchange 2010. Exchange 2010 is fully supported by iOS 6 and other modern mobile operating systems.

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