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Phishing Alert

Citi Cards Phishing E-mail

If you received an e-mail that looks like the above photo recently, be cautious! It is most likely a phishing e-mail, in which case the links will take you to a malicious website.

The best security practice is to never trust links in e-mails without close inspection. No matter who the e-mail says it is from or where it states the links go, they could be malicious.

Here are a few ways to safely visit a link in an e-mail:

  • Right-click the link, then click Copy Hyperlink. Paste the hyperlink into a document and inspect it. Is the URL one that you trust? Watch out for URLs that are subtle misspellings of legitimate websites.
  • Contact the person who sent you the e-mail and confirm with them that they sent the link and that it is safe to visit.
  • Whenever possible, avoid clicking links at all by going to your browser and typing in the URL of the website being linked to. Go directly to Facebook to see if your friend really did share some photos with you. Or, in our current example, go to citi.com and log in to check out your balance and payment information.

Always remember, many of the details you take for granted in e-mail messages can be easily faked, so exercise caution!

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