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Yes, Macs can get infected, and 2K can help!

For a long time, the general public consensus was that Macs did not have virus problems. That all changed a few weeks ago.

After over a two weeks of reports that a fake antivirus malware was able to infect OSX systems, Apple has published a knowledge base article that details the infection and how to remove it. Apple has also released a patch that for OSX that will seek out and remove Mac Defender.

The biggest issue on this infection is that while browsing a hijacked website would present a file to be downloaded automatically that the system would deem as “safe” and open automatically, requiring an administrator password to install and thus infecting the computer.

Apple and many other security firms are recommending that all users make the following changes to their Safari preferences:

Preferences, General, un-check “open ‘safe’ files after downloading”

Quite Honestly – this setting should be set by EVERYONE. Yes this causes you a few extra clicks to open a file you’ve just downloaded but it does increase your safety.

And now there’s news that a new variant of Mac Defender has made it into the wild that would bypass the need for an administrator password to install and infect a computer as well as another that bypasses Apple’s recently released patch to protect against Mac Defender

As part of the new OSX patch, Apple has changed the settings of the OSX internal malware program to update itself daily and scan more often that the previously configured. While this may help, the malware makers are already far ahead of what Apple can do to protect you.

2K Networking now has the capability of providing access to the newly released F-Secure Protection Service for Business – Mac version. F-secure has finally provided a central managed mac version of their highly rated anti-virus and anti-malware software. We are recommending to all of our clients that did not have a Mac antivirus program to sign on now and get it a discount before July 1. F-secure does have a consumer version of this software that they’re now making available for purchase and 2K can provide that as well.

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