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Tips to secure your Windows 7 Phone

The Android Marketplace has been in the news lately for having trojan infected applications. Here are a few tips on how to secure your Windows 7 phone

1. Download Games and Apps only from trusted sources. For Windows Phone, you can only install apps from the Zune Marketplace. This means that they have been digitally signed, which reduces your risk. As mentioned, Apple uses the same model for iPhone. With Google’s Android, you have to be careful!

2. Install your WP7 Phone updates as soon as they are made available. These may be some security updates too!

3. Use passwords to protect your Windows Phone and important data. Set up a password for the WP7 lockscreen. Imagine what would happen if your un-protected phone were to get lost! Everything including your social networking accounts, email accounts, important data, would be available to a total stranger, for potential misuse. Use a secure password manager or an eWallet app to save and store all your important passwords, and credentials and data safely.

4. Use a PIN (Personal Identification Number) for the SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card in your phone to prevent people from making unauthorized phone calls.

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