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iPad vs other Tablets

A few websites have put some iPad vs Motorola Xoom and other tablets comparisons together and we wanted to share them with you:

A “By the Specs” comparison from Droid Life

A Computerworld “Death Match” between iPad and Xoom

BUT – remember – that the Xoom is Android 3.0 and there are very few apps (between 50 adn 100 out of 150,000)that have been updated for 3.0 because it’s currently only a tablet OS. This is the biggest downfall for ANY Android tablet at the moment and will continue to be so until the developers get on the ball and create TWO versions of their apps. Google has stated that Android Phone 2.2/2.3 branch will be merged with the Android Tablet 3.0 branch sometime later this year…. Until then do you think the developers want to maintain 2 copies of their apps? Probably not. This is where the iPad2 has the advantage. Most developers are creating “unified” apps that work on both the iPhone and iPad natively without having to create two different apps.

The app advantage goes to the iPad and it’s really all about the apps you are going to use with the tablet of your choice.

Of note – upon the announcement of the iPad2 Samsung has already begun re-evaluating it’s new Galaxy Tab 10.1 that’s not even released yet!

To tell you how important the iPad is – the FAA has approved it to REPLACE the paper flight path maps AND LAPTOPS for pilots!

And now that the iPad 2 is finally out – here’s a feature by feature comparison against the Motorola Xoom (in the end iPad2 comes out on top).

So we’ve gone this long without even mentioning Microsoft…. How can that be??

Microsoft tried to move into the table space before 2004 with Windows XP Tablet edition. They migrated that into Windows Vista Home Premium and above a few years ago and there are still Tablet based services built into Windows 7. Yet where is the multitude of tablets that the big computer makers should be pushing to compete with the iPad? There isn’t any really because I feel Microsoft just cant get out of it’s own way to innovate. Microsoft could lose out BIG TIME (up to 1.28 billion) in potential lost revenue and R&D monies needed to play catch up if they want to stay in the game. They keep looking at the tablet market as a touch screen PC… it’s NOT! The way we interact with tablets is different when we touch than when we use a mouse and physical keyboard. Just look at this video with a baby learning how to use the iPad – I’ve never seen any kid be able to figure out a Windows laptop computer with such ease. That ease of use is what makes tablet computing different. That’s why I feel Microsoft may NEVER field a true tablet OS that can compete with the iPad or the Android tablets.

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