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>Google removes malware apps from app store and devices

>Google used it’s “remote removal” (also known as a “kill switch” capabilities built into the Android OS to remove all of the malware infested applications installed by users on their phone and tablet devices. This is not the first time this has happened but is the most pervasive with over 50 apps included in this remote removal action. More details can be found in this H-Online article. For all of those wondering – yes Apple does have the same capabilities built into it’s IOS devices, but has not had the need to use it.

Google has now officially acknowledged the issues in it’s blog posting a few days ago and is vowing to increase security of the Android Market place so this kind of infestation of bad apps does not occur again.

My opinion on this is this: There are reasons Apple has an approval process to get an app added to it’s AppStore and security is one of the top reasons. Google’s Android Market place currently does not have any such process or capabilities so it’s Buyer Beware when downloading/purchasing an app for your Android device.

And now we’ve got an alert from Trend Micro that they’re seeing the Zeus malware/trojan makers (known for phishing scams and Fake AV utilities) targeting Blackberry users.

We have moved into a SmartPhone era where it truly is a mini computer in your pocket with lots of very personal and valuable items to the same community creating FAKE Antivirus Trojans for PC that would allow them to steal your identity. Everyone needs to be vigilant and pay attention to what they’re downloading.

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