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>Password Myth – Passwords cannot include spaces

>Just wanted to pass this along to all those of you out there trying to figure out what your next password will be when it expires – Use PHRASES 🙂

Pulled from a Symantec article.

“Although most users do not realize it, nearly all versions of Windows since Windows 2000 allow spaces in passwords. In fact, if you can view a character in Windows, you can use that character in a password. Therefore, spaces are perfectly valid password characters. However, due to how some applications trim spaces, it is often best not to begin or end your password with a space.

Spaces can actually make it easier for users to come up with more complex passwords. A space is used between words therefore using spaces may encourage users to use more than one word in their passwords.

An interesting fact I recently discovered in my research is that spaces do not fall into any of the categories for Windows password complexity requirements. It is not a number or letter yet does not count as a symbol either. So while it will make your password more complex, it does nothing to help you pass Windows complexity requirements.

And finally, one drawback with spaces is that the spacebar makes a unique noise when tapped. It is not hard to hear when someone uses a space in their password. So use spaces, but don’t overuse spaces.”

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