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>Sending Large Attachments in Outlook with Drop.io

>I’ve been doing Outlook training for a while now and there is always a time when discussing attachments that the question of the appropriate file size comes up. Email systems were designed to receive text only and the inclusion of attachments came on way later. At that time dial-up speeds were in the 4800-9600 ranges and trying to send a 1MB attachment would have taken over an hour. Fast forward nearly twenty years and we have some people on 20-50Mb connections trying to send multiple 12megapixel pictures from their high end camera or a large file needed for a project. While the speed of the connection can handle it in minutes or seconds, the email server sending or receiving may not be able to. That is why we usually limit the file size of the attachment to under 10MB.

But there are times when those large files NEED to be sent and there is not any other convenient way to get it to the other person other than email. This is where file sharing services come in. There is one in particular with lots of features, called Drop.io, that just released an Outlook add-on that will allow you to send that large file out (up to 100MB) without much of a headache. And the person receiving that file, will be even happier to find out that they do not have to sacrifice their first born just to get the file they need.

Want to know more – How-To-Geek has a great step-by-step tutorial on how to install and use the new add-on with the link to the download at the end.

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