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Comcast Corp rebranding Comcast Cable as Xfinity

The re-branding has started!!

I saw this 15 second spot while watching LOST tonight on WHTM.

While this article has the cities where the change will be occurring first – you may have actually seen one or two commercials during the Super Bowl – meaning that they’re actually starting the national re-branding as well.

60 second Super Bowl spot

Currently Xfinity is the name of Comcast’s “video on demand online” service that also includes the Fancast TV oriented social network site as well. 2K’s clients in the Philly, Baltimore and DC areas should begin seeing this re-branding through all media outlets as well as direct mail very soon. Also Comcast is pushing this forward in all of their DOCIS 3.0 (50+ Mb) upgraded areas – of which Harrisburg is one. I would say once they get started on the York and Lancaster area upgrades – we’ll begin seeing the complete re-branding as well.

So why Re-brand?

Comcast Corp has always has it’s fingers in multiple pies – and with the pending NBC-Universal acquisition – they need to become a true parent company owning multiple individually branded companies – so Comcast Corp will be the parent company of Xfinity which offers Video, Internet and Phone service via cable, NBC TV Studios (which will include current NBC branded properties, Bravo, SyFy, USA, and the others + Comcast’s TV properties QVC, G4, E! and the others), Universal Studios (movies), Universal Studios Theme Parks (which NBC and Comcast Corp want to divest), and a few other minor properties. The re-branding of the cable services allows the company remove it’s corporate name from one of it’s divisions and begin improving its customer service and quality reputation with a brand new entity: Xfinity.

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