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>Microsoft throws away Money!

>Nearly 15 years ago, in the mid-90s, Microsoft was under a cloud of antitrust investigation and not for their Windows OS dominance. Microsoft and Intuit were planning to merge and become the de facto software provider for the personal and small business finance and tax software inside the US and worldwide. Seeing that prospects for completion of this giant software merger were very dim, the two companies agreed to walk away and stay independent.

Fast forward to 2008 & 2009 to see Intuit being that dominant player and Microsoft finding itself in the awkward position of not being able to leverage its OS market share to win with the software trifecta of Windows-Office-Money. Microsoft stopped selling Money in retail stores last year and was only offering it as a digital download. Now, Microsoft has begun notifying banks & users that they are totally discontinuing the MS Money product and will stop supporting it in 2011.

I do know that a few of 2K’s clients are utilizing MS Money in some form or fashion, and should be starting to look at moving to another product soon (most likely some form of Quickbooks) as banks will begin to drop support for MS Money sooner than Microsoft does. If your company is affected by this move, 2K is fully qualified to help your company identify and implement a new financial management software package.

As a small token of their appreciation – read sarcasm here 🙂 , Intuit has released a new version of their free Quickbooks Simple Start Edition which can be utilized for personal finances and give you a taste of what their business versions can offer.

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