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>Microsoft releases MyPhone (beta) for windows mobile 6+ users!

>Microsoft has opened up their Windows Mobile product named My Phone for public beta use.

This service finally would allow users of the Windows Mobile phones to have access to a service similar to the Apple “Mobile Me” service. This provides the capability to synchronize contacts, calendar appointments, tasks, photos, videos, text messages, music, and documents between your phone and your My Phone web account.

Of note is that if your phone is connected to an Exchange server – any items that synchronize with Exchange (email, calendar, contacts and possibly tasks), then these items will not synchronize with your My Phone account.

I have really wanted this type of service for my work phone (WinMobile Motorola Q) as my personal phone (iPhone 3G) synchronizes with iTunes and that does a backup of my calendar, tasks, photos, text messages, contacts and interestingly call history. I can really appreciate what that all means as my highly used iPhone 3G actually has to reformat itself every time there is a software update. Once the update is complete it restores the data to the phone as if nothing happend. The My Phone service will be very useful in those situations when problem/broken phones are replaced, stolen phones are replaced or the ever increasingly needed new smartphone purchase that would require HOURS of time spent re-entering information. You get that added benefit of pictures being backed up and restored as well as text messages that nearly always contain important last minute information that cannot be found in your email.

I unfortunately have a Windows Mobile 5.0 phone that would be unable to take advantage of these services, but that is not stopping me from providing the link below to those that would like to test out (BETA TEST) this extremely useful service from Microsoft.

Check out Microsoft My Phone here.

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